Keeping Up With Zina 🐾


Oh hey there! Welcome to my page. I'm a very busy pooch but I'm also very healthy thanks to my mom and dad.

about me:

I'm almost 3 years old and I have been on a Raw Diet since I was a pup.

My hair is super shinny, teeth are super clean and I never have doggy breath!

My Mom and I made this blog so we can share nutritious tips for both people and their pets!

"I eat a healthy diet, but even I like a good cheat meal!"

More about me... 🐕

Oh gosh! My day is always so darn busy. I play ball at least 12 hrs on & off throughout the day... and somehow in between my ball sessions, I find the time to be on the lookout for squirrels and bunnies that come into my yard.  

When my mom is cooking, I like to keep a close eye on the floor. If anything falls my mom knows I've got her back! I would hate for her to have to do extra cleaning after working so hard.
Everything she makes smells so yummy, and when she takes cheese out of the fridge.. oh man, game over! I can smell that stuff from a mile away. She knows I'll be there right next to her in case she decides to share. 

On another note, I have really bad poultry allergies. :(
I've had them since I was a pup. I react to any bird (chicken, duck or turkey) and it causes my skin to break out in itchy red bumps and my hair to fall out. Thankfully my mom and dad keep me on a balanced diet with veggies, rabbit, beef & fish. If I'm lucky, sometimes I get water buffalo!

They never have to worry about being lonely because I will always share my ball with them and make an effort to play. Even if they don't want to play, I'll be right by their side all day long to make sure they don't feel neglected.

Well that's a little bit about me! I also posted some of my photos below so you can see how cute I am :)

Thanks for stopping by! 💕