About Me:

 I'm just a girl who has a burning passion for fitness, health, personal growth & food!


I discovered my love for health & wellness when I went through a period of depression & anxiety in my life. I've never been a fan of taking medications. I believe our bodies have the ability to fight anything naturally. So when it came to taking depression medication, I just couldn't stand the thought of it. 

It was a tough fight. However with the support of my loved ones, I was able to make healthier food choices and take part in physical activities that allowed me to blast music and let all my frustrations out.

I quickly learnt that moving my body in a way that made me feel strong & confident was also making me feel happy & motivated. After all, all disease begins in the gut. Mental & Physical. 

Now all I want to do is share my experience it with others & put them on the path towards a healthier life!