About Me:

I'm passionate about helping women build self respect, heal trauma & lead a healthy life.


As someone who steered down the wrong path in my younger adolescent years, I am very much aware of the self destructive road many young women take in order to make money, heal pain and trauma or get attention.

Although I never experienced the full side of it, I understand how hopeless we feel in times of pain and frustration. We make bad decisions and we lose our self esteem and dignity while just doing what it takes to "fit in" or make money.

I quickly learnt that I didn't belong there but the reason I was exposed to that lifestyle was so I can become an influence in the lives of many women who feel lost and hopeless.

I believe they are worthy of more, and my mission is to help them believe it too!

Join me as I strive to be a women of influence and help restore self respect and confidence in women while helping heal trauma, regret & lead a healthier life.